Hello, and thank you for taking a minute of your day to read my blog entry. For starters, there are quite a few things I must update you about.

Firstly, who am I? why am I doing this?

My name is Danilo Reyes, I’m a Mexican who studied Game Design at VFS in Canada. Although my design portfolio is quite limited. I am working on my own video-game titled “I just wanna be strong” or IJWBS to abbreviate; I’ll tell you more about it later. Also, as an obligatory side-note, I apologize for my writing style, as English is my second language.

Ever since I’ve been a teenager, I noticed sudden decline in my mental health. It all started with depression, and some sporadic episodes of anxiety. Back then I was flip-flopping between being a good student, and the worse student ever. it depended on my mood, and how much I liked the subject class.

Each year, I could notice how my mood swung more often on the negative than the positive. This changed a bit when I went to Canada to study abroad. I was more optimistic, but still depressed. Eventually this depression started to manifest itself in the form of hallucinations. And in addition to drugs such as heroin and weed. It reached periods on which I was completely delusional and lost my touch with reality. Which led me to be diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

At some point, I was lucky to receive support from the internet. Which made me able to afford treatment which bettered my mental health. Unfortunately, this didn’t last much, as around this time last year, a series of very premeditated and malicious events, lowered my mental health to the lowest it’s ever been…

But now it’s not the time to know about it, at least not yet. Why? because that’s the story for IJWBS.

What is “I just wanna be strong”?

It is a very personal project. A game that I’ve been working on my free time. And although development has been very slow. One day I will release it.

The game idea was first an idea of my head psychiatrist. Who suggested me to find a healthy way to express all the bottled-up emotions within me.

With time, I started to get very attached to the idea of telling my story. A story of toxicity. A story of abuse. But why? What good would it make to work for months, even years on a story that triggers memories of what happened?

To be honest, I still don’t know the answer. All I know is that I MUST finish this game, maybe it will help people who are or were on my same situation. Maybe it will help be re-discover myself after all the mistakes I made.

But for now, I invite you to follow this blog, where I’ll write from time to time some stories of my life. Some stories of the present. Some news and updates about the game, updates on my life, and where I’m going.

This is my first time writing a personal blog. And I hope you guys enjoy reading my entries, I’ll keep them short, and related to my game, and life.
Well, from time to time I may write some video-game reviews, and critical analysis, since I’m fond of such articles.

Thank you for reading my introduction, and hope you enjoy what I post in the future!

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