Today upon a suggestion on Twitter I decided to start a new section on my blog named Cacophony. This section it’s going to be about my personal playlists. Just as everyone else on the world, I am extremely passionate about music, I love music that tells stories, music that has profound and interesting lyrics. Also all sort of styles go well with me, tho my favourite ones are, as you will find out, pretty melodic indies.

So what I’ll do in this series of blogs, is take the top 5 most listened songs from my playlist, and put the YouTube M/V for them, as well as describing why I like those songs.

Cane Shuga – Glass Animals [192 Plays] [Lyrics]

Starting weird, one of my favourite songs is Cane Shuga, a story about cocaine, perhaps story it’s the wrong adjective to describe this song, because the lyrics are as nonsensical as being high can get. My favourite thing about the song is the very unique looping style, which progressively adds new loops as the music progresses.

The instrumentation is so simple yet appealing that I really hope I can grab inspiration from this song when I’m making the music for my videogame.

Thunderclouds – LSD [104 Plays] [Lyrics]

Thunderclouds it’s definitely one of my favourite videos of all time, if not THE favourite. Thunderclouds is as quirky as you can expect coming from SIA, however, LSD it’s a cooperative project between SIA, Labyrinth and Diplo, and I must say. Labyrinth has one of his best vocal performances on this song.

The song tells us the anxiety of having trust issues on a relationship. Little anecdote is this song came out during a similar time on my life, a few months after I was cheated on, and the lyrics were extremely therapeutic to me, imagine me at 3 am laying on the floor singing along:

You’re sayin’ those words like you hate me now (Wo-woah)
Our house is burning when you’re raisin’ hell (Wo-woah)
Here in the ashes, your soul cries out (Ah-ah-ah)
But don’t be afraid of these thunderclouds

Patient Zero – Aimee Mann [101 Plays] [Lyrics]

Patient Zero comes from the album “Mental health” whose lyrics are subjective. Which in my opinion is nothing but the most genius way to sing about a broad topic such as mental health. Aimee Mann doesn’t tell you what diseases the songs are talking to you about, because that’s up to you to interpret.

Personally, I think this song is about Bipolar Disorder. Last year I was diagnosed with type II of this disorder, which pretty much means that you don’t quite get too maniac, to my understanding maniac episodes are mood swings of extreme joy followed by depression, so hypo-mania would mean that you don’t get quite the extreme part of joy, which is a shame. But hey, don’t quote me on that.

So why I consider this song to be about Bipolarity? as I mentioned the song isn’t quite explicit on what disease it’s talking about, but from my own personal experience dealing with the disease I have quite the interpretation.

They served you champagne like a hero
When you landed, someone carried your bag

Patient Zero tells us the story of a person who is just succeeding on their life. However they will find out life isn’t a straight line to the top.

Life is good
You look around and think
I'm in the right neighborhood
But, honey, you just moved in
Life is grand
And wouldn't you like
To have it go as planned?
Go as planned

Life may seem to be going as you plan, you may get too comfortable with the status quo. Why would you want it to go the other way around?

Life is good
You look around and think
I'm in the right neighborhood
But, honey, you just moved in

It may be a pretty pessimistic point of view, but just because things are going right, it doesn’t mean they can’t go wrong. The song constantly reminds us that each up has a down.

But news filtered over the transom
That a villain ended up with the part
You paid your respects like a ransom
To a moment that was doomed from the start

And finally the verse which in my opinion speaks the most about bipolarity:

Life is good
You look around and think
I'm in the right neighborhood
But, honey, you don't belong
Life is grand
And wouldn't you like
To have it go as planned?
Go as planned

Personally, I don’t believe the song is pessimistic about life as I described it, but it is what having a disorder that swings you around means. These swings won’t happen on the span of an hour but rather take weeks or even months, so you may find yourself trapped in depression after experiencing the best months of your life.

But hey!

Hip hip hooray, hocus pocus
With some magic you can fly through the air
But when you're the guy pulling focus
There are people who will wish you weren't there

Special – Angus Powell [78 Plays] [Lyrics]

Where to begin with this song? the only reason this song doesn’t have 300 plays it’s because this song speaks so deeply to me, that it’s borderline depressing to listen to.

These lyric writing are on a whole other dimension of brilliant. I am willing to bet that each depressed person will interpret the lyrics modding to their own living situation.

In my case, these lyrics are about a suicide attempt and waking up on a hospital. Geesh I know. I had an extremely messy breakup, my ex-lover went from promising I deserve to be happy, to publicly shaming me on social media during my worse depressive episodes and drug abuse.

So… yeah big spoilers for IJWBS, but there was a point in my depression where I just literally wanted to run to the top of a big hill and find myself living lost in the wilderness, a safe haven where no social media influence could ever effect my mental whereabouts. Funny how we let a small 3 inch screen dictate how much we fuck up our own psyche.

I’ll get quite personal with the lyrics, going almost line by line, but well this is why I love this song so much. Please don’t take my interpretation as some sort of me looking for validation cuz oh boy did I suffered. Take the following as a deep appreciation for Angus lyric writing genius.

Waking up today
Breath and everything is better
Made my mistake
Should have never read your letter

Just as I woke up lost, far away from civilization, finding myself on a mental white room, sun on my face the smell of wet grass, the far away sounds of nurses asking patients how they’re felling today, you wake up realizing you’re alive, your body is sound, you’re on a safe place, but you fucked up deeply, that regret of attempting to end your own life after giving the time of day to read whatever your ex is up to is a feeling I’m sure not many can relate, but paradoxically everyone can fell. Messy breakups lead to messy messages sent by each other, messages whose words are carefully selected to hurt as much as possible.

You used to say that I was special
You used to swear we'd be okay
So how did I end up here today?

This… is the hardest part of the song for me, each line is self descriptive and became a mantra to me. You used to say I was special, that we’d be okay, so how did I end up on a mental institution? because we hurt each other so much.

Death in Greenpoint -Mishka Shubaly [78 Plays] [Lyrics]

Another mantra song that I found out thanks to an Hispanic youtuber who always uses this song on the intro. Honestly this song would be 100% perfect fit for the intro of my game, as the lyrics follow time and time again

Break, heart, break
Fail, liver, fail
But if you can hear me complainin'
I'm neither dead or in jail

Which is perfect for a game that starts with a heartbreak and getting drunk.

And with that, I finish sharing these 5 songs that I really enjoy from my favourite playlist Fave Lyrics, in the future I’ll revisit this playlist and tell you about another 5 songs, but before that I’ll visit other playlists that are… less depressing. Could go for Cocaine which is my gym playlist and has mostly metal songs about fighting and war, or go for Helium which is full of comedy music.

But until next time, thanks for reading!

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